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Effectively Improve the Efficiency of Cement Rotary Kiln

Pubdate:2023-01-30 10:22:31

Cement rotary kiln is a production equipment with large power consumption. Some small cement rotary kilns in China have high production efficiency, which is easy to cause large energy waste. Modern dry-process cement rotary kiln adopts scientific technology for production, which greatly reduces energy consumption and improves production efficiency.

The reason for the large heat loss of the traditional cement rotary kiln is that the water content of the slurry entering the kiln is too large. The main way to improve the thermal efficiency of the kiln is to effectively reduce the water content of the slurry. The material shall be evenly distributed at the kiln inlet to avoid uneven feeding affecting the calcination effect. Adjust the damper opening of each section of the grate and annular cooler, improve the temperature of the extraction calcination section of the grate and each section of the annular cooler, and improve the preheating quality of the green ball. Move the position of the cement rotary kiln burner forward, adjust the direct air and cyclone air volume of the burner, and adjust the flame shape to form a reasonable temperature distribution in the kiln. The use of new refractory bricks can greatly reduce heat loss and effectively improve the required heat transfer capacity. Increase waste gas recovery system and improve the utilization rate of waste gas secondary cycle. It can reduce a lot of thermal economic losses.