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Do a Good Job of Ring Prevention of Lime Rotary Kiln

Pubdate:2023-01-29 11:16:54

No matter the lime rotary kiln for any material calcination, if it is not properly treated in some aspects during the use process, the phenomenon of ring formation will occur. This phenomenon is similar to the "cold" of human body. It seems that if a small problem is not solved immediately, it will not only affect the discharge quality, but also damage the kiln lining and stop production with the increase and thickening of the ring area. There are the following points to do a good job in the prevention of lime rotary kiln ring formation:

1. Actively cultivate the professional knowledge of watching pyrotechnics in the lime rotary kiln, and be able to find out the occurrence of ring formation in the lime rotary kiln in advance, and do a good job of finding and solving in advance.

2. The most important reason is to scientifically mix the incoming materials, properly increase the KH and n values, reduce the viscosity of the liquid phase and the total amount of the liquid phase, and prevent the liquid phase from appearing prematurely and causing ring formation.

3. Improve the coal injection system of the lime rotary kiln, speed up the pulverized coal combustion speed, control the length and temperature of the flame, and ensure that the temperature at the kiln tail is stable enough.

4. Reasonably control the speed of lime rotary kiln, establish a scientific thermal system, and solve the premature occurrence of liquid phase according to the division of different solutions.

5. Adopt mature methods in the same industry, flexibly change the position of coal injection pipe, so that the kiln skin is constantly subject to cold changes and reduce the phenomenon of agglomeration.