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How to Control the Ventilation of Rotary Kiln?

Pubdate:2023-01-27 16:48:25

Rotary kiln is mainly to fire things, the temperature will be very high, in order to fire effect is generally let it ventilation, improve the degree of combustion. But from the safety point of view, its ventilation volume still needs to be properly controlled. How to control ventilation volume?

1, when the temperature of the air into the rotary kiln changes, it needs to be controlled in an appropriate range.

2. For the system air leakage and cold air mixing at the fan inlet, it is necessary to overhaul the system, find out the air leakage place, and deal with it.

3. For ash accumulation, blockage or uneven material distribution in the pipeline, it is necessary to clean up the pipeline in time and evenly distribute the material to solve the problem.

4. For the interference of the two systems of rotary kiln and furnace, the ventilation volume of the two systems can be adjusted and balanced by setting the ram at the end of the kiln and the flue retract. If the total air volume of the whole system is too large, it is more convenient to adjust on the pipeline after the two systems meet.

The above is a detailed method to control the ventilation volume of rotary kiln. When controlling, it is necessary to check whether there is air leakage in time and repair it in time. In the process of controlling the ventilation volume, some sealing work should be done to the kiln in time.