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Precautions for Oil Leakage in Rotary Kiln

Pubdate:2022-11-11 16:06:28

When oil leakage is found, measures should be taken immediately to stop it. If the oil leaks into the foundation should be dealt with in time. If the rotary kiln starts again after a long period of stop, it is not suitable to use the main drive directly. And should first use the auxiliary drive kiln 1 ~ 2 rounds, but then use the main drive kiln. At this time, attention must be paid to the bearing wheel shaft should be poured oil lubrication in advance. Check the circulating water system of supporting wheel bearing frequently. Check the water flow indicator for water circulation. When the kiln is stopped for a long time or during the freezing season, the cooling water should be all cleared to avoid swelling and cracking caused by freezing. In order to release water from the spherical shingle, the stop valve at the outlet pipe should be rapidly rotated by 90℃ to the three-way valve at the inlet, so that it is connected to the atmosphere, and the stop valve should be opened at the same time. The cooling water will flow out naturally based on the principle of siphon. If the flow is not clean, it can be from the three-way valve through the air hole, with compressed air will blow the residual water.