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What Are the Operation Precautions of Cement Rotary Kiln Before Installation?

Pubdate:2022-11-05 09:23:09

Hongke has made a detailed introduction to the rotary kiln products, which can provide users with rich professional knowledge of cement rotary kilns. For details, you can ask Hongke experts for information. Hongke has advanced technology and good technology promotion technology, which can provide users with quality assurance services. We welcome users to come to the information to purchase Hongke brand quality products. The reasonable price for rotary kilns will be an important manifestation of trust to users!

The preparation before installation of the cement rotary kiln is introduced as follows: the high-quality cement rotary kiln produced by Hongke is mainly divided into dry process and wet process. The cement kiln used in wet production is called wet kiln. Wet production is to make raw meal into slurry with water content of 32%~40%. As the slurry with fluidity is prepared, the raw materials are well mixed, the raw meal composition is uniform, and the quality of sintered clinker is high, which is the main advantage of wet production. The advantages and disadvantages of dry process rotary kiln are opposite to those of wet process rotary kiln. The dry method makes the raw meal into dry powder, and the water content is generally less than 1%, so it reduces the heat required for evaporation of water compared with the wet method. The heat consumption of hollow kiln is not low due to the high temperature of waste gas. In dry production, raw meal is made into dry powder, and its fluidity is worse than that of slurry. Therefore, the raw materials are poorly mixed and the ingredients are uneven. More detailed information can be obtained from the experts of Hongke. Hongke also provides high-quality services for users! Specific operation skills before installation of cement rotary kiln:

1. Be familiar with drawings. As the cement rotary kiln is a large-scale production equipment, you must be familiar with the drawings before installing the equipment. Through the equipment drawings, you can master the specific parameters of the rotary kiln equipment, understand and master the specific positions of each part of the equipment, the positions where the equipment is installed and the basis for foundation line drawing. Understand and master the layout of each production part, office location, water, point and road in the plant area and the location of the other side of the equipment through the layout plan, so as to determine the transportation route, determine the assembly and working site, determine the location of the on-site tool room and site, and determine the location of the temporary power supply.

2. Lifting and transportation equipment. In the installation project, lifting and transportation are directly related to the quality, progress and cost of the installation project. Therefore, appropriate lifting and transportation tools and machines should be selected. In the equipment of the cement rotary kiln production line, the equipment is generally large in size and heavy in tonnage, so the required transport equipment and lifting equipment are becoming larger and larger. When selecting a crane, it is necessary to know the lifting height, turning radius, weight of the section at the kiln tail tire, lifting instructions, turning radius, etc. of the large tonnage section in order to determine the crane. The selection, use, storage and maintenance of other commonly used tools and machines, such as steel wire rope, hemp rope and fixture, must comply with relevant regulations and precautions. In addition, corresponding fuels, cutting and welding materials and other corresponding materials must be prepared to ensure the safety and success of equipment installation.

3. Personnel requirements. The construction period of cement rotary kiln is short, and more process equipment is arranged in the high-rise, which increases the work at height, forming the characteristics of great difficulty and danger. There are many specialties, cross operations and unsafe factors involved in the construction; The equipment with advanced performance is emerging one after another, and the accuracy of the equipment is also constantly improving. It is necessary to equip inspection instruments that match the quality requirements of the quality project. Therefore, our construction personnel should have a strong physique, extensive knowledge, skilled technology and the ability to work according to the actual situation and local conditions. At the same time, the operator's technical level is also required to improve continuously.

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