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Energy Recovery and Utilization of Cement Kiln

Pubdate:2022-11-03 15:21:01

Energy recovery is particularly valuable in the production of products with strong thermal effects, such as Portland cement. Because of the particularity of cement kiln combustion and the large amount of hazardous waste can be allowed to burn, the cement kiln can be used to recover the energy.

1. Make use of waste

Many wastes can be recycled in this way, depending on calorific value, physical properties and chemical composition.

2, advantages in the cement industry, the use of hazardous waste fuel is usually cleaner than coal, and the release of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides less. When a small amount of combustible hazardous waste is used, the thermal control of cement kiln can also be strengthened. From an economic point of view, the use of hazardous waste as fuel benefits both waste handlers and kiln operators.