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The Use of Lime Rotary Kiln in Practical Application

Pubdate:2022-09-29 16:54:55

The lime rotary kiln occupies an important position in the calcination industry, not only because of the wide range of materials handled, high purity and high efficiency of products, but also because of the function of the equipment itself. The equipment is also widely used.

The temperature in the kiln is the guarantee for calcining materials. Its combustion function can enable the fuel to burn, provide sufficient heat value for the kiln, and ensure that the temperature required for calcining materials is within the specified range. When the temperature in the kiln body is relatively high, its heat exchange function can maintain the temperature of the kiln body within a reasonable range, and can also conduct heat exchange for the generated flue gas, thus reducing energy waste.

When calcining materials, it can be used as an important plant for chemical reaction, providing the conditions for reaction required at different stages. Since there is a certain inclination during the installation, and the raw materials will move with the operation of the lime rotary kiln, the products will flow out of the kiln, so it can be used as the material conveying equipment. Since the temperature required in the lime rotary kiln is relatively high during production, which can fully burn the organic matter, it can be used to calcine the waste gas in environmental protection. Since its establishment, Hongke Heavy Industry has continued to explore, develop, innovate and improve in the production and manufacturing process for many years. The company has continuously increased its investment in scientific and technological research and development, developed new products and technologies, developed and updated the equipment of the production line, and has successfully developed ten invention patents. The equipment manufactured by the company has the characteristics of more durable use, more stable operation, more stable output and lower energy consumption. At the same time, it can also enable traditional large polluting lime plants to achieve cleaner production.