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What is the main function of rotary kilns?

Pubdate:2022-09-08 15:29:26

Rotary kiln plays an irreplaceable role in the production of materials. So, in the process of some material production, what is the role of rotary kiln? What is its main function? We can get a detailed understanding through the following article. Rotary kiln its function is to calcination materials, materials are also divided into many industries, such as limestone, ceramic sand, zinc oxide and other materials. After adding these materials, with high temperature calcination, a variety of industries of materials can be calcined.

The process of calcining materials in the rotary kiln can be divided into three steps. The first step is to put the materials into the cylinder from the high end of the rotary kiln; The second part moves slowly through the other end at a rotating, even speed; The third part is discharged from the low end after the temperature increases gradually, preheating, calcination, dust removal and cooling.

Rotary kiln has the characteristics of processing different materials in different industries and calcining materials at high temperature. The following are some functions of rotary kiln, as follows:

1, rotary kiln equipment has a large combustion space and thermal field, combustion function is very good. Therefore, it can supply enough combustion-supporting air. It is a very good combustion device with excellent equipment, which can fully ensure the full combustion of fuel and provide necessary heat for the calcination of calcined materials.

2. Rotary kiln equipment has a uniform temperature field, and the heat exchange function is fully reflected, which can satisfy the heat exchange of materials at various stages in the production process.

3, high temperature chemical reaction: materials in different stages will produce different needs, rotary kiln can meet the material calcination process in different stages of the heat, temperature requirements, but also can meet the residence time requirements.

The technology and operation of rotary kiln determine the quality, output and cost of enterprise products. It is widely and conveniently used in many industries such as mineral processing, environmental protection, building materials and chemistry. The powerful function and excellent quality of rotary kiln make it one of the important equipment in various industries. As a professional rotary kiln manufacturer, Hongke Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing new rotary kiln equipment to help users improve production efficiency.