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Take You to Know the Metallurgical Steel Rotary Kiln Quickly

Pubdate:2022-07-16 17:55:55

Many people may have seen the metallurgical steel rotary kiln, but many people don't know what it is used for, what its function is, and what industries it can be applied to. These are questions in your mind. Today, I'll take you a brief introduction to the metallurgical rotary kiln.

1、 Concept

Rotary kiln is also called rotary kiln, also called rotary bed kiln. It is a cylinder with a certain slope. The slope is about 3-3.5%, which is to promote the mixing of materials in the rotary kiln with the help of the rotation of the kiln, so as to make the materials mix and contact with each other and produce a reaction.

2、 Importance

"As long as the kiln has been turned, there are tens of millions". This sentence is enough to vividly describe the important role of rotary kiln in the metallurgical industry. In the metallurgical steel industry, in addition to calcining cement clinker, rotary kiln can also be used for calcining clay, limestone and slag drying. It is a kind of equipment with wide operation range, durability and strong pressure resistance.

3、 Wide application range

Someone will ask: can metallurgical rotary kilns only be used in the metallurgical steel industry? Obviously not. Because of its wide variety, metallurgical rotary kilns are also widely used. Whether in the building materials industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries, this equipment can play a large or small role and make outstanding contributions to all walks of life.

The above is the relevant knowledge about Metallurgical steel rotary kiln summarized by the editor. With the gradual enhancement of everyone's awareness of environmental protection, this equipment plays a very important role in the incineration of hazardous waste and garbage. Using this equipment can not only reduce the generation of waste, but also save resources. It can be seen that this equipment has made a significant contribution to industrial development.