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Rotary Kiln Dust Collector Material Selection Skills and Requirements

Pubdate:2022-07-09 17:33:25

Rotary kiln is one of the essential and important equipment in the production lines of activated lime and cement. Generally, the production of activated lime in the lime industry requires the input and use of many supporting equipment to obtain the corresponding lime products. Next, the high-tech personnel of Yongxin expert group will tell you the selection skills and requirements of rotary kiln dust collector materials.

1. The wall panel material and structure of the rotary kiln dust collector must ensure that the pressure resistance coefficient is greater than or equal to 6000pa and the air leakage coefficient is less than 3%.

2. The flower board of the dust collector is made of Q235 and 5.5mm thick steel plate.

3. The filter material of the dust remover is fluormes, with a temperature resistance of 260 ℃.

4. The design and manufacture of dust collector pipes, platforms, drawings, ladders and pedals shall be carried out in accordance with national standards and relevant design specifications.

5. The design, material selection and manufacture of the air bag of the dust collector shall be carried out in accordance with national standards and specifications.

6. Standardized components and equipment components are selected for the supporting parts of rotary kiln dust remover, so that users can better use and replace them.

7. The welding parts of rotary kiln dust remover equipment shall strictly comply with the national welding standards. In addition, the inspection and non-destructive inspection shall also be carried out according to the importance of parts.

8. All components and parts of the dust collector equipment shall be equipped with lifting lugs or holes as required.

9. Ensure that the pneumatic flap valve of the rotary kiln can be opened and closed flexibly and in place to avoid air leakage.