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Analysis of the Reasons and Solutions for the Deformation of Calcium Aluminate Rotary Kiln

Pubdate:2022-07-06 17:47:08

Cause of deformation of calcium aluminate rotary kiln: when the calcining equipment drops bricks, the temperature of the kiln body will rise rapidly, causing concave convex deformation to be found in some parts of the kiln body, bending to occur at the part where the bricks are dropped. During the operation, it stops because of power failure. Under the attack of rainstorm, severe cold and heat, the temperature of the surface will drop rapidly, causing bending or deformation of the kiln body. In the deformed part, the operation can be carried out from the middle to the surrounding until it is repaired. The deformation of the kiln body is caused by many factors. As long as the problems are found and solved in time, the normal use of the equipment can be guaranteed.