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Magnesium Rotary Kiln Equipment Configuration

Pubdate:2022-06-11 17:55:25

The magnesium metal rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder body, a transmission device, a support device, a retaining wheel supporting device, a kiln head, a kiln tail seal, a kiln head cover and a combustion device.

1. The barrel of the magnesium metal rotary kiln is a heated rotary part, which is made of high-quality killed steel plate by coil welding. The support device is provided with a mechanical or hydraulic stopper wheel to control the axial movement of the cylinder;

2. The transmission device rotates the cylinder body at the required speed through the ring gear set in the middle of the cylinder body. Due to the needs of installation and maintenance, larger kilns are equipped with an auxiliary transmission device that makes the cylinder body rotate at a very low speed;

3. In order to prevent cold air from entering and flue gas dust overflowing the cylinder, reliable kiln tail and kiln head sealing devices are installed at the feeding end (tail) and the discharging end (head) of the magnesium rotary kiln cylinder.

The magnesium metal rotary kiln has high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and full functions

1. A special vertical preheater device is installed at the end of the kiln body, which can directly transfer the waste heat of flue gas to the material, which not only effectively recovers the heat in the process of exhaust emission, but also reduces the load for subsequent dust-proof work.

2. The length of the magnesium metal rotary kiln is reduced from the traditional 25-30 to 12-15, which effectively reduces the floor space of the equipment and greatly reduces the infrastructure cost.

3. The kiln head is equipped with a vertical cooler, which effectively avoids the sensible heat loss of metal magnesium, so that the material can be rapidly cooled.

4. There are two types of combustion-supporting air, primary air and secondary air. The primary air can directly participate in the combustion of metallic magnesium, and the secondary air is the cooling air of metallic magnesium. This special design effectively reduces the waste of fuel and reduces calcination. The cost is relatively low.

5. The tail gas produced in the calcination process is dedusted by pulse bag filter, which will not cause tail gas and dust pollution to the mining environment, and meet the national tail gas and dust emission standards.

6. The equipment is equipped with a PLC control device to adjust, control and alarm the whole calcination process, and can automatically record all parameters in the production process. The calcination efficiency is high and the effect is good, saving a lot of manpower and energy for the enterprise. material investment cost.