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What is the Importance of Rotary Kiln in the Cement Industry?

Pubdate:2022-05-12 17:31:26

What is the importance of rotary kiln in cement industry?

The importance of rotary kiln is reflected in these aspects:

1. The technical performance and operation of rotary kiln largely determine the quality, output and cost of enterprise products. "As long as the kiln turns, there will be tens of millions" is a vivid description of the importance of the rotary kiln in production.

2. In the application field of rotary kiln, the cement industry has the largest number. The whole production process of cement is summarized as "two grinding and one burning", in which "one burning" is the process of burning the raw meal prepared by grinding into clinker under the high temperature of rotary kiln. Therefore, rotary kiln is the main machine in cement production, commonly known as the "heart" of cement factory.

3. In the building materials industry, in addition to calcining cement clinker, rotary kiln is also used to calcine clay, limestone and slag drying; In the production of refractory materials, the raw materials are calcined in rotary kiln to stabilize the size and increase the strength, and then processed and formed.

4. During beneficiation, the lean iron ore is magnetized and roasted in a rotary kiln to change the original weak magnetism of the ore into strong magnetism, which is conducive to magnetic separation.

5. In the chemical industry, the rotary kiln is used to produce soda, calcine phosphate fertilizer, barium sulfide, etc. This method has the advantages of low energy consumption, less power consumption, no sulfuric acid and the utilization of medium and low-grade phosphate rock.

6. In terms of environmental protection, developed countries in the world have used cement kilns to burn hazardous waste and garbage for more than 20 years, which not only reduces and makes waste harmless, but also uses waste as fuel, saves pulverized coal and makes waste resource.

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Rotary kiln equipment is mainly used for calcining cement clinker, which can be divided into dry cement kiln and wet cement kiln. Metallurgical and chemical kilns are mainly used for magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in iron and steel plants in metallurgical industry; Oxidation roasting of chromite and nickel iron ore; Roasting high alumina vanadium earth ore in refractory plant and roasting clinker and aluminum hydroxide in aluminum plant; The chemical plant roasts chromium ore sand, chromium ore powder and other minerals. Lime kiln (i.e. active lime kiln, environment-friendly and energy-saving lime kiln) is used to roast active lime and light burned dolomite used in iron and steel plants and ferroalloy plants.